Costa Rica Proposal Photographer

Are you wondering about having a dream proposal and engagement photos in Costa Rica?

Proposals are always challenging, especially when you want to do it in a foreign country where you would need to do some research to execute the plan in your mind. But, if you are reading these lines, you are thinking of surprising your love and need to hire a Costa Rica Proposal Photographer, so you get into the right place. I love being your partner in crime in these situations because I know how important this moment is for your relationship and a moment all fiancés will cherish forever. 

I am used to hiding in unusual spots when talking about surprising proposals. Also, I have to pretend to be a local tourist on your same tour or just be a weird cameraman taking random pictures. Whatever the job demands to make it a memorable experience for your fiance, I’m in!

Costa Rica offers impressive scenery and backgrounds for surprising your partner, from a romantic rainforest spot to an enchanting secret beach or fantastic and unique waterfalls. 

Where can I propose in Costa Rica?

As your experienced Costa Rica Proposal Photographer, I’ll give you all the guidance you need. Once you contact me, I’ll start by asking you which areas you are visiting, what is your travel itinerary, and what is your dream scenery to pull out your ring. I will also ask about the idea you have in mind, and after that, I’ll advise you on the possible locations, the best hours of the day, and the best day of the week to do so.

Some of the most preferred places in Costa Rica to propose are:

What’s included in the proposal photography service? 

Usually, we will start by having an initial zoom call meeting in which I will discuss your plans and ideas with you. Then, on the day of the proposal, we will have at least a 2-hour service considering the proposal itself and an after-photo session in the location. I will also help you by giving some guidance on the type of outfit and colors you can wear regarding the site the proposal will be on. And, of course, you will get a stunning online gallery to proudly share your unique moment with your family and friends.

And in case you are wondering, I usually work with at least one of my incredible assistants on this type of session. They can help me carry the camera and lighting gear but also can help record a short video of the moment you went down on your knee if the situation or location allows us.  

What is the pricing for a Costa Rica Proposal photo session?

Now you may be wondering how much it costs. Proposal Photo Sessions pricing may vary depending on your chosen location. Our surprise proposal service starts at $600 for locations outside the San José area. And if necessary, I can build a custom package for your dream proposal.

Is it worth it to hire a Costa Rica Proposal Photographer?

Probably you are now wondering if it is worth hiring a professional photo session for your proposal; well, the answer is an absolute yes!!! You are investing considerable effort in a trip to Costa Rica and choosing one of our exotic locations to impress your lovely one. You will not want to remember that memorable experience with cell phone pictures. Getting engaged is an extraordinary moment in life that you will shout the world about it. So do it in style!!   

Want to know why we have 30+ awarded images as a Costa Rica Engagement Photographer by the Wedding Photojournalists Association? Check our Diamond Award images in our profile at as well as our Engagement Portfolio. And don’t forget to check what past clients say about our services on our Testimonials page.

So, are you ready to pull out your ring in a magical Costa Rica location? Let us know your plans, and let’s start planning them together. Inquire now!