Costa Rica Engagement Photographer

Werther, you hire us as your wedding photographer or visit Costa Rica to get engaged, get married, or just want to celebrate your love. You should consider booking a session with your Costa Rica Engagement Photographer. 

What’s included in our Engagement Photography Experience?

Outfit Recommendations

Believe it or not, in engagement photography, as of any other portrait photography genre, the clothing matters because it helps to tell your story and let the couple show their personality. When you hire our Costa Rica Engagement Experience, I’ll advise you on what to wear in your session, depending on the type of location the shoot will happen. 

Location Advice

Selecting your Engagement Session location is another critical thing to consider. As your Costa Rica Engagement Photographer, I will provide you with multiple options, including wonderful beach locations, stunning mountain locations, or a more urban look type location. The location must resonate with you as a couple or be related to activities you love to do or should be a special place that means something in your relationship. We will identify the location that best fits your vision and couple personality during our talk through session. 

Makeup Artist Services

For this or any type of shoot is very important hiring a professional Makeup Artist; this will help you to look and feel good in your photographs, we will give you options for you to choose, and if you already have a Makeup Artist for your wedding you can take advantage and use your makeup proof for this day. 

Wedding Clients

You should definitely consider including the Engagement Experience in your Wedding Collection since this will significantly improve your Wedding day photo experience. During the Engagement Experience I will assure you to have the time to explain all the essential fundamentals for you to feel comfortable in front of a camera. We will have the time to know each other better, and outside the typical pressure, we will have on the Wedding Day. This would also let us have more time to get creative and leave you epic images that you would treasure that you proudly share with friends and family. Also, your Engagement Photos are an excellent asset to decorate either your home or your wedding reception. You definitely would not regret the investment, I promise!