Dream honeymoon in Paris | Andrea & Jorge

Have you ever been to Paris before? Or have you ever dream about having your honeymoon in Paris? How about having your honeymoon in Paris, and even better get the experience of being professionally photographed while you enjoy and discover all the beauty of this city? Well, that’s what Andrea & Jorge did with me.

Our journey starts when they hire me to photograph their engagement session and wedding. Fun fact is that during their engagement session, we both realize that we live in the same building in San José, and we have never seen each other there. From that point, we start finding a lot of connections between us, and as time goes by, we start being good friends.

During the process, Andrea asked me if I know any good French photographer that they could hire to do a photoshoot on their honeymoon in Paris. So, I said to her, “yes, I know some, but why are you going to hire another photographer since I can do the job for you? And I can be your Paris Tourist guide as well…” At that point, Andrea couldn’t believe in that possibility, so we start planning that. I have been to Paris many times, I know the city very well, how to move around, what are the best places to have dinner, what are the most beautiful spots, and even the best hours to be in each of those places. After a couple of days, Andrea & Jorge realized that it was indeed an excellent opportunity for both of us. And it happens we agree on booking our flight to Paris!!!

We both leave the airport on the same day, but we have a different itinerary. They will have the first stop in Madrid, Spain and then we will meet in Paris two days later. If you’ve never been to Paris before, you are probably wondering about leaving your plane and going to meet the magnificent Eiffel Tower, isn’t it?

That’s why I planned to start our two-day honeymoon in Paris journey at Palace du Trocadero. And since Andrea & Jorge booked a hotel very close, everything was going to be perfect. Since we wanted to get the most out of the day visiting the city around and avoid getting massive crowds, I recommend them to start at sunrise. Sunrise and sunsets in Paris are simply magical; the colors in the sky are spectacular! The best spot to see a sunrise in Paris is in Trocadero because the sun comes out right behind the Eiffel Tower. Another reason why you will see many professional photographers early in the morning doing their shootings there. I started by doing a silhouette of them before the sun came out with the blue tones in the sky and a little orange near the horizon.

After the sun comes over the horizon, we start doing some portraits of them with the Eiffel Tower as our background and take advantage of all the beauty you can find around the area. Fun fact here is that photo with the pigeons flying, which are very characteristic at Trocadero. Since I don’t have an assistant for the job, I grab one tennis shoe from Andrea while grabbing my camera with my other hand and laying in the ground; then, I throw the shoe across for it land in front of me, but camera right and out of the frame. Once the shoe hits the ground, the pigeons start flying and “voilà” we got a perfect shot and other fun and romantic shots.

The next stop of our trip was at the marvelous “Pont Alexander III,” an imponent bridge with gold decoration and stunning views of Paris and the Eiffel Tower as well far in the background. Moving from Trocadero is very easy by “Metro,” so you don’t need to walk a lot from one spot to another. But first I walked Andrea and Jorge to the front door of the “Petite Palais,” it has a spectacular architecture design, and it is a must-have shot in our tour. Then we arrive at the Pont that usually is very crowded, but since we planned to arrive very early, I was able to get clean shots of them walking and standing in the most delightful spots.

After visiting the beautiful “Pont Alexander III” I took them to the “Jardins Des Tuileries” located in front of the most famous museum in the world, yeap you are right the Louvre! After walking for a while, there was time for going back to the hotel so they could change their clothes and be ready to continue our journey around Paris, and before that, we grabbed some food at a classic “Brasserie” type of restaurant. They are very characteristic because all of them have small tables and chairs outside. You can enjoy the view with a coffee and a delicious croissant or any amazing Parisian pastry.

After recharging our batteries, it was time to visit and spend the afternoon in one of the most beautiful small towns in Paris. Montmartre is a large hill located in the northern section of Paris. It is not too far, you have to take the “Metro” and are there, but be prepared, there are many stairs you may need to climb before arriving there. Montmartre is famous because there is the Sacré-Coeur basilica; in front, at the stairs, many tourists and Parisians like to hang out and stay until sunset while enjoying performers of every kind that look to entertain the visitors. The town is also known because you can find the art in every corner, there you can buy a beautiful paint of a Parisian cityscape for your home for sure or enjoy seeing one artist painting in front of you. Sadly, most of the afternoon got us indoors since it rained a lot, but that doesn’t stop us from having a great time.

After visiting Montmartre, we close our day at the Louvre and Pont Bir Hakiem to enjoy the views of Paris by night.

The next day and last of our journey honeymoon in Paris, Andrea & Jorge wanted to visit Disneyland Paris and spend the day there because they love so much Disney since they have visited before Orlando’s theme parks. They dreamed of visiting the Paris homolog, and the beauty of it’s “Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant” castle. If you are wondering how close Disneyland Paris is from downtown, well, it is a two hour and a half train trip. But it is effortless to get there, the last stop of the train leaves you in front of the park’s main entrance. Once you cross the main entrance, the magic starts flowing, and of course, I captured their love and fun enjoying their first visit to Disneyland Paris.

We absolutely enjoy together the time we spent together around Paris. After these two days, I came back to Costa Rica since I have to shoot another wedding the next weekend, and Andrea and Jorge continue their honeymoon in Paris and around Europe.

I hope you enjoy reading this story, and if you are planning to have your honeymoon in Paris and wanted more tips (I have a bunch) or even taking me as your honeymoon destination photographer, drop me a message! I would be glad to help get the most out of your honeymoon trip!